ener blue hydrogen generators

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Ener Blue electrolysers are basically subdivided into two groups: indoor and outdoor applications.

Indoor versions are based on cabinet/skid assembled units interconnected by a minimum number of cables and pipes while outdoor equipments are fully preinstalled inside containers which can be easily located on any flat platform.

Ener Blue offers semicustom designed plants with optimized cost and performance specifically matched to client needs and boundary conditions and a range of standard products.

Basic building blocks are:

Process skid/cabinet
A unit hosting the electrolysis module, the gas processing and monitoring equipment as well as the optional purification section

Control cabinet
A structure including PLC, power distribution, UPS, barriers and operator HMI.

A cabinet hosting the transformer, the rectifier bridge and its control used to supply the dc current to the electrolysis process.

Optional unit used for the gas cooling.

Optional unit used for the cooling of the electrolyte.

Optional equipment based on reverse osmosis for the production of demin water.

Nitrogen generator
Optional small plant for the production of pure nitrogen used for plant purging and back-up for the instrument air, if available.

Instrument air generator
Optional air compressor with accumulation used as main air supply for the pneumatic actuators (if available) of the process skid/cabinet.