ener blue hydrogen generators

Outdoor Hydrogen Generators

Containerized outdoor hydrogen generating plants can be manufactured as semicustom device within the following specifications:

Max.capacity single 40’ container:120 Nm3/h
Max.capacity single plant (20’+40’ container):200 Nm3/h
Larger capacities:more plants or more containers in parallel with centralized master control unit
Operating pressure:6 .. 60 barg
Hydrogen purity99.5% , 99.9%, 99.999%, 99.9999%
Hydrogen atm.dew point-10 .. -30 °C, -50°C, -65°C, -90°C
Typ. electrolysis power consumption4.3 kWh/Nm3*
Oxygen deliveryyes (optional)
Container rooms2x with indipendent access (control+process room)
Other container specificationsForced ventilation
2x hydrogen leakage sensors (control + process room)
Heating and/or air conditioning (optional)
Open loop electrolyte cooling or dry cooler on container roof
Open loop gas cooling or chiller inside control room
External demin water feed or reverse osmosis unit inside the control room
Venting lines (with optional trace heating)
Other features upon request
MaintenanceEasy operability inside the container at closed doors.**

* Typical value referred to optimal electrolysis conditions.

** This is a key feature for plants that operate in extreme environment conditions.