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Hydrogen Generators

Indoor Industrial Hydrogen Generators

Plants designed for indoor installation face different room requirements depending on the process cabinet type. In case of cabinets with air extracting fan, all plant building blocks may be installed in a single non classified room with sufficent space for operation and maintenance activities.

In case the process cabinet cosnists in an open frame/skid or cabinet without air extracting fan, then the plant must be installed into two different rooms:

  1. Non classified room for control cabinet, rectifier and other auxiliary units with sufficient air circulation to dissipate heat generated by the installed equipment.
  2. Classified room (ATEX II 3G) for the installation of the process skid/cabinet and optional auxiliary units like tanks, buffers, compressors etc.
Hydrogen production capacity:1 .. 15000 Nm3/h
Max. capacity single electrolysis module:S-Size 5 Nm3/h M-Size 50 Nm3/h L-Size 375 Nm3/h
Operating pressure6 .. 60 barg
Hydrogen purity99.5% , 99.9%, 99.999%, 99.9999%
Hydrogen atm. dew point-10 .. -30 °C, -50°C, -65°C, -90°C
Electrolysis power consumption4.3 kWh/Nm3 *
Oxygen deliveryyes (optional)
Basic building boxesProcess skid/cabinet, control cabinet, rectifier unit
Optional auxiliaries (non classified room)Dry cooler, chiller, demin water system, nitrogen generator, instrument air generator
Venting linesClient duty

* Typical value referred to optimal electrolysis conditions