ener blue hydrogen generators

Industrial hydrogen generators

Water electrolysis is a well known technology for hydrogen production. Alkali electrolysers have proven their reliability over years since decades.

Starting from this base Ener Blue has further developed the technology of industrial hydrogen generators by using the most advanced materials, conceptual designs and computer simulations to obtain reliable high end equipment. Ener Blue produces indoor hydrogen generators and outdoor hydrogen generators featuring the highest available pressure on the market, while maintaining process efficiency and long term reliability of the whole plant. Moreover the technology used offers significant advantages in all aspects of the operation safety, which is particularly important in the hydrogen field.

«Zero Pressure Stack» is the key element, which allows the equipment operation at high pressure, without the need of mechanical compressors, while keeping all advantages in terms of performance and reliability of older atmospheric devices.

Field installations made over more than one decade have fully demonstrated the validity of this technology in many sectors like industrial, energy, renewable energies and automotive.

Plug & Play concept

The complete plant is pre-assembled at factory and fully tested. A Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) is executed in presence of the client before shipment. The plant itself is a complete turnkey system and, if required, is separated in few parts to allow the shipment.


  • Reduced time at site for installation and commissioning.
  • Very short testing required before plant handover to client.
  • No surprises of defective or missing material.
  • Lower cost generation at site.

Compact size

The high operating pressure of Ener Blue electrolysers allows the manufacturing of compact devices which contain in the same skid: gas generation, gas processing and gas purification.


  • Less space required for installation
  • Easy relocation
  • Lower transport cost

No corrosion

All metal parts inside the cell stack are made out of 100% bulk nickel.


  • No corrosion problems
  • Very long operating life
  • No need of stand-by polarization currents

Activation layers

Electrodes of the electrolysis module are provided with special activation layer to decrease the electrical power consumption.


  • No need of additives in the electrolyte
  • Activation remains constant and effective over module life
  • Lower energy consumption

Natural electrolyte circulation

The electrolyte circulation, required for the plant cooling, is based on gravity.


  • No mechanical stress across gas separating membranes of the stack thus improving dramatically performance and lifetime.
  • Maximum safety in respect to cross contamination in case of a membrane failure
  • No pumps or electrolyte tanks required
  • Easier and more reliable cooling system

Zero Pressure Stack

A unique design and constructive key-feature of Ener Blue electrolysers. The whole stack is enclosed into a special protective shell, which has the function to eliminate the pressure differential between inside and outside of the cell stack.


  • No electrolyte leakage from the stack
  • Increased lifetime of the stack due to pressure stress removal
  • Mechanical protection in case of explosion (explosion remains self contained in the vessel). More protection for users and environment (design approved for the installation in nuclear power plants)
  • Higher pressures possible with same safety and reliability level

Floating power supply for the electrolysis module

Electrolysis module electrical power connections are completely isolated. Proprietary design of the power connection, developed to minimize the electric impedance and maximize the mechanical stability of the contact.


  • Increased operator safety due to full protection of parts under voltage
  • Full compliance with ATEX and good engineering practice
  • Increased module reliability and life-time due to short circuits prevention

Zero electrolyte leakage

Another unique key-feature of Ener Blue electrolysers is the zero electrolyte leakage design based on complete closed loop electrolyte circuit and gas moisture filtration with 100% recycling.


  • No electrolyte loss (no need of electrolyte refilling)
  • Improved life and reliability of gas measurement sensors (only dry gas in contact with instruments)
  • No danger for the operators to come in contact with spilled or drained electrolyte
  • No short circuits due to electrolyte leakage

Redundant Hard Wired safety loop

A hard wired system capable of detecting PLC malfunctions and trip the plant to a safe purged status is installed. This system warrants absolute redundancy of the PLC for the safety functions.


  • Plant protected against PLC failure
  • Increased user safety
  • Plant damage prevention

PLC platform

Ener Blue equipment is always provided with control based on high quality PLCs.
Standard solutions are the Siemens platforms S7-300 / S7-1500 / S7-400 / S7-400h.


  • Very high control reliability
  • Very robust and flexible platform
  • Integration with other PLC platforms
  • Expandability / Compatibility
  • Guaranteed long term spares availability on the market
  • Integration in SCADA systems

Human Machine Interface HMI

Every plant is equipped with Siemens touch screen graphical color display HMI (Human Machine Interface).


  • Panel long life also in harsh environments
  • Very brilliant and readable
  • Self-explaining interface
  • Better system overview
  • Access regulated by several password levels
  • Easy and powerful remote control

Fail Safe design

The control system is designed following “fail-safe” principles and technologies.


  • Components failures detected by 100%
  • Interception of operator faults


To comply with maximum safety criteria, the plant is designed based on the principle of redundancy. All critical malfunctions can be detected by at least two different sensors.


  • Effective interlocks
  • More reliability
  • Improved warranty on gas quality
  • Improved operator and equipment protection

Explosion proof (ATEX)

All components (sensors, valves, transducers etc) installed within the identified ATEX II 3G zone (limited to electrolyser skid) are selected following the applicable Directives and Codes.
In particular they comply with the definitions:

  • EEx d IIC T1 (explosion-proof components)
  • EEx ia IIC T1 (intrinsically safe components)


  • Absolute safety
  • Full compatibility with safety regulations and laws


Ener Blue equipment is built using the most advanced manufacturing techniques and is supplied with CE certificates in compliance with the following EU Directives:

  • 2014/68/EU (PED)
  • 2014/68/EU (ATEX)

Additional / alternative manufacturing codes and certification are available upon request.


  • Warranty of quality based on inspection of independent accredited certification bodies
  • Warranty of compliance with local regulations and laws


Design and manufacturing are executed in ISO9001 certified environment. All components installed on Ener Blue electrolyser undergoes a very serious quality test and suppliers are constantly monitored.


  • Single stop per year for maintenance
  • Very high plant availability & reliability
  • Extremely low failure rate
  • Low overall ownership cost
  • Maximum operation safety

Service and Maintenance

Very competent team available. Local resources available. Courses for plant self maintenance.


  • Remote assistance service
  • Effective trouble shooting
  • Maintenance possible by client or Ener Blue team
  • Flexible maintenance contracts available

Long plants life

All vessels, piping, valves & fittings on the process electrolysis skid are fully made of AISI316, 316L or 304L stainless steel.


  • No corrosion on parts and components
  • No contamination of gases and process fluids
  • Very long operating life of the plant
  • Higher availability of the system